Safety Standards

Safety matters.

Thompson Grain Service brings more than grain vacs to your job: We bring an impeccable record of safety.

We're meticulous about training and certification. Our employees use full safety gear, including harnesses and hardhats. And, you'll have the assurance that our crews are:

  • Safety certified for permit-required confined space training per OSHA 1910.146 standards
  • Safety certified in personal protection per OSHA 1910.132 standards
  • OSHA-certified for lockout/tagout
  • Trained annually in safety compliance
  • Prequalified through SMI Safety

Our crews will work within your existing safety program. We'll supply our onsite work logs to supplement your records. And we'll be ready to begin work the minute we're onsite so there's no down time for your job.

Just as important: Our accident-free performance lowers your liability risk!

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