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Your grain. Our systems. Exceptional outcomes.

TGS provides fast, efficient and safe grain transportation solutions for high-volume operations — seed companies, elevators and ethanol plants. And we take the same approach for individual farms and smaller jobs, too.

grain vaccing and transportation
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What sets us apart from other companies

We provide grain vaccing and transportation, we service all around the United States and we follow OSHA safety standards.

TGS moves your biggest loads. Fast.

Run your entire bin through our grain vacs and maximize efficiencies in speed, safety and manpower. There's no faster way to move your grain — and no better way to protect the integrity of your seed.

Our service area:

Wherever grain is sold and stored in the U.S.

Our safety record:

No accidents — ever.

What our customers have to say about us.

We service customers all around the United States including: Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota and many more.

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